Our Story

Full Frame Northwest began in 2011 when Annie Ferguson and James Morrill met while working as story leaders for Thurston Community Television’s Digital Stories Program. Together they worked with adults and children, ages 10-90, guiding them through the process of finding their story and how to tell it best through video. In 2013, Kallie Holt joined the team, adding a fine arts approach to digital media.

Fast forward to 2016 and Annie, James and Kallie are still telling people’s stories. Each having a broad background in sustainability, community outreach, art history, business marketing and digital media, Annie, James and Kallie are honored to offer their targeted creativity to a number of local businesses, non-profits, schools and political figures. Stories are the foundation for every video we produce.

Meet The Team

Annie Ferguson

Creative Director

With help from her team, Annie directs all things creative, from storyboarding and shotlisting, to cinematography and video editing. Annie has over ten years experience with shooting and editing video and audio. Hobbies? Korean food. Cycling. Vegan icecream. Maybe in that order.

James Morrill

Project Manager – Oregon

James lives in Portland, Oregon and is our project manager for the Beaver State. He never misses a beat and is one of the nicest people you’ll meet. When it comes time to pre-production planning, James is your guy. When he isn’t meeting with clients, he’s out takin’ a dip in the Puget Sound.

Kallie Holt

Project Manager – Washington

Kallie’s naturally curious and creative approach to planning and directing are what make her so well fitted as project manager for the Rainy State. Not to mention, her eye for design- she illustrated the hands of our logo! She’s often found running with her wildheart dog, Kit.

Our Core Values

We look towards the future with every video we produce and every story we share. Our priority is to radiate the voices of organizations that value community, sustainability, equality and the everyday actions that improve our lives and our world.

We are passionate about interdisciplinary arts and sciences, empowered by local businesses and engaged communities, adamant about keeping wildlife wild, and are proud allies of the LGBTQ community. We believe everyone’s story should be told.

Most of all,We’re interested in breaking new ground and reaching beyond the typical online video. We not only want to showcase and give voice to your mission, but we also want to track and measure where it reaches, and what effect it has on others.

Think we’re a good fit?